These are quality products, designed to last.
Strengthen You exercise and recovery tools are designed to maintain their stretch, their bounce and their strength.
They’re quality products you’ll love using again and again.

Our products are designed to be used hand-in-hand with the treatment provided by your therapist. While they do not replace your therapist, they can help speed recovery by letting you continue the therapy at home. Helping you get back on track, back to the gym, back to the pool, faster.

Easier than a foam roller.
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Rehabilitate your balance.
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Active relief for pain points.
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Strengthen You training and exercise recovery products have been designed to help you enhance your workout and recover faster. Whether you are looking to perform better, compete harder or recover faster, our products will help you stay on track and reach your full potential.

Made with premium quality materials, our products are built to last, maintaining their bounce and strength throughout the rigours of exercise. Carefully sourced and tested by the Strengthen You team, we are confident in their quality and performance. Each product has been specifically created to be easy to operate and easy to commit to, removing the hurdles often found with other training aids. Once you’ve purchased a Strengthen You training aid, you won’t look back.

Training with Strengthen You

Using Strengthen You training products will enhance your workout and help you warm up and perform better. Use our resistance bands – Mini-Bands or Power Bands - before a workout to activate specific muscles; warm muscles perform better. The Power Band can also be used to add resistance to your usual workout. To activate your core and improve your balance, incorporate a Balance Pad into your routine.

Recovering with Strengthen You

Our recovery products, including Trigger Balls, Pro-Rollers and Balance Pads, are designed to work with your recovery program. Ask your therapist for the best ways to use Strengthen You recovery products to target your specific areas of concern, this will allow you to continue your rehab at home and get you back to your regular training or competition faster.