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Easier than a foam roller.
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Pro-Roller - Blue

Reduce pain, release tension, recover better.

The Strengthen You Pro-Roller is an electric foam roller, giving the option to use vibration technology as a vibrating spot massager or as a vibrating roller, as well as traditional foam rolling techniques. Foam rolling is a great form of muscle therapy to reduce tension in the fascia (fash-ee-ar), the tissue matrix that sits between the muscle and the skin that can tighten during the strain of exercise.

Foam Rolling

The Pro-Roller can be used as a normal foam roller for muscle therapy by using the weight of the leg or the body on the tightened fascia and employing a rolling action to reduce tension in the area.

Vibration Technology

The effectiveness of using a physical therapy foam roller is increased by up to 70% when you use vibration technology. Using a traditional foam roller can be painful and strenuous, which can lead to the athlete giving up on the rolling. Using the vibration technology of an electric foam roller gets deeper into the fascia, making it easier to release the tension. This gives you the option of not rolling when it’s too uncomfortable and rolling when you want to feel the full impact of the treatment. Professional athletes prefer this style of treatment as it helps them get back into training and competition faster.

The Pro-Roller can be used as a traditional physical therapy foam roller by placing the roller under the tightened area of the leg or body and using body weight to roll back and forth to provide release.

To use the Pro-Roller’s vibration therapy, simply rest the tight muscle on the roller and allow the vibrations to remove the tension.

You can also increase the effectiveness of muscle therapy foam rolling by combining the vibration technology and rolling.