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For greater stability and support.
Rehab Band (Yellow) Medium Power Band (Red) Large Power Band (Black) Large Band Package 1 Large Band Package 2
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Large Bands - Small

Activate large muscle groups, gain body strength, increase tone. Help your body work better, by activating the muscles your body needs to activate.

Our large resistance bands are designed to help you activate specific muscles faster, helping stabilise your body more efficiently.

Designed more for the upper body, our Large Bands provide invaluable variable resistance. This means the further you stretch the band, the more resistance you feel. This resistance increases blood flow to the muscles, which increases temperature, warming up the muscle naturally.

These bands increase postural and muscle awareness. This makes them ideal for rehab, helping you stretch but not over-stretch, and perfect for warming up your large stabilising muscles prior to exercise.

Used prior to exercise or competition, Strengthen You Large Bands help you reduce the risk of injuring cold and unprepared muscles. By activating the large muscles in the back and shoulders, you can perform better. And you reduce the risk of injury.

The large bands are mainly for upper body activation.

Use them as pulleys – loop the strap around a pole and pull the strap toward you, helping activate your back, chest and abdominals. Add some resistance to your workout.

If you’re having trouble with pull ups, tie the strap over the beam and place a knee in the loop. The stretch in the band will help lift you as you do your pull up.

Use the bands to activate your shoulder muscles by doing push ups with the band looped over your back.

Take a strap with you on holiday, when you can’t get to the gym.