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For active stability and support.
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Mini Bands - Single

Gain stability, strengthen muscles, perform better.

Using Strengthen You Mini Bands will improve your workout by activating specific muscles and helping to stabilise your body more efficiently - the more stable your muscles, the better you can perform. These mini resistance bands can be used as part of your rehabilitation routine, for recovery or for warming up your large stabilising muscles prior to exercise.

Strengthen You Mini Bands are made with premium grade rubber and designed to last, so they are less likely to break in mid-stretch, and, unlike many other bands, will not painfully catch on leg hairs.

Mini Bands for rehabilitation

Resistance band exercises increase blood flow to your muscles, increasing the temperature and heightening your awareness of the muscles. Using our resistance bands will help you understand how your muscles work together to stabilise your body - increased stability reduces the risk of injury by enabling your body to react faster.

Mini Bands for warming up

Resistance bands are a better warm up that weights – using weights that are too heavy can cause you to overcompensate, throwing your balance out and activating the wrong muscle groups. Used prior to exercise or competition, they can reduce the risk of pulling, straining or tearing muscles.

If you are using the Strengthen You Mini Band as part of a rehab exercise program, your therapist will suggest resistance band exercises that are best for you.

Try this resistance band workout to warm up for your regular workout:
Place the Mini Band around your feet or your ankles.
Stretch the legs apart until you feel the resistance in the band tighten.
Walk sideways, stretching and slowly releasing the band.
Try some side or back kicks, balancing on one leg while stretching the band with your other leg.
Raise the band around your knees and stretch your legs apart until the band is under some strain.
Try some squats or some twists.