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Balance Pads

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Rehabilitate your balance.
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Balance Pads

Strengthen You Balance Pads are the ideal training aid to build strength and stability in your joints, especially your ankles.

The foam balance pads are easier to use than other balance tools.

They are challenging enough to have immediate benefit, allowing you to complete an exercise without falling.

The design of the pads make it easier to stay in the exercise, helping you build awareness of how your joints react to exercise.

Physiologists call this proprioception, which is the sense of where your body is in space.

Made from pro-quality foam, these balance pads are recommended for helping rebuild strength in ankles and hips, building the awareness of your joints and your balance and helping your body develop confidence in weakened joints.

Try standing on one leg, on the Balance Pad.

Then try standing on one leg, on the Balance Pad, with your eyes closed.

Do your balance exercise on the pad in front of the television.

Try jumping on the pad – small jumps at first then building up as you gain confidence.

Use the pad as a knee rest while stretching.

Use the pad as a weight support (rather than resting the weight directly on your hip bones)

when you’re doing weight-bearing hip thrusts or back bridges.