What are the best resistance bands for me?

If you are using them for training, both Mini Resistance Bands and Large Resistance Bands are invaluable in helping you warm up and activate muscles and muscle groups.
If you are using the bands as part of an injury recuperation, your therapist will be able to tell you which bands work best with the exercises they recommend.

Are there any resistance bands which don’t pull your hair out?

Yes. Strengthen You Resistance Bands are specifically designed from a premium grade rubber which does not catch on leg hairs mid-stretch.

Why choose a vibrating roller?

Vibrating rollers, like the Strengthen You Pro Roller, are up to 70% more effective in treating fascia-related treatment.

What is the best balance pad for me?

The pad that helps you do the exercise longer. All foam balance pads will do the same thing, helping build strength and confidence in joints and muscles. Strengthen You Balance Pads are made of high-quality memory foam rubber which will retain its shape longer while retaining the strength and flexibility needed for balance-related exercises.

Are the balance pads just for balance exercises?

No. The pad is made of high-quality foam and can be used as a kneeling pad for floor-based exercises – with or without weights. Our balance pads can also be used to support weights on your stomach or hips during prone floor exercises such as neck bridges.

Can I hurt myself by applying too much pressure with a trigger point ball?

You would have to apply a lot of pressure for a long time. If you only apply as much pressure as you can reasonably handle, the trigger ball will provide direct but controlled pressure. If it hurts when you use it, please see your therapist for guidance.

What should I look for in a resistance band?

Look for stretch. The band should feel like it’s able to handle the stretch you’re putting into it. Strengthen You Resistance Bands are made from quality rubber and designed to last. So they’re less likely to break while you’re in mid-stretch.

What is the best foam roller for me?

The one which helps you do the exercise and not give up halfway through your recovery. Our Pro Rollers can be used as a normal foam roller, as a vibrating roller, or for spot vibration therapy.
Professional athletes prefer vibrating rollers, like the Strengthen You Pro Roller, as the design helps them stay in the exercise longer, complementing the therapy and helping them recover faster.

Can I use a vibrating roller as a normal foam roller?

Yes. Strengthen You Pro Rollers can be used as normal foam rollers – using the weight of the body or leg to help release the tension in the fascia – as a vibrating spot massager, or as a vibrating roller. 

Do foam balance pads strengthen the knees?

Foam Balance Pads will mostly help your ankle joints and, to some extent, your hips. These are the joints most used in the direct control of your balance. Your knees will benefit from balance pad sessions, as will your leg muscles and your core muscles, but the pad will mostly target your ankles.

What are the best Trigger Point Balls for me?

Not all trigger balls are created equal. Strengthen You Tigger Balls are made from high quality rubber to last longer. You will need a ball which you feel confident to put a lot of stress and pressure into. Weaker balls can split or lose their spring. Our Trigger Balls will last longer and have been tested by exercise therapists to ensure they can help you pin-point and deal with trouble spots when you need them to.

Can I use the trigger ball without seeing a therapist?

Yes. However, we recommend using the ball in conjunction with the exercises a therapist will prescribe. As with all our products, they are not designed to take the place of a therapist, but to help you continue the therapy at home so you can get back on track sooner.