The Pro Roller benefits Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

The Pro Roller benefits Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

Used in place of a normal foam roller the Pro-Roller's vibrating design reduces pain, releases tension and enables faster, better recovery.

What are the somewhat more than 140 characters?

Vibrating design

While regular use of a foam roller for physical therapy offers many benefits including reducing inflammation and improving flexibility, using one can often be uncomfortable, strenuous or even painful. Typically, the user will give up half way through their recovery.

Vibrating rollers are much more effective (up to 70%) than traditional foam rollers and by giving you the option of not rolling when it becomes too uncomfortable, makes for a more sustainable therapy session. Electric foam rollers are also very effective for fascia treatments. Along with posture training, stretching, massage and heat treatment, a vibrating roller is a great way to improve your fascia health.

Another great use of electric foam rollers is self-massage (or myofascial release) which allows improved blood flow by causing contracted muscles to relax. Other significant benefits include reducing the risk of injury, creating a better range of motion, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improved ability to perform exercises.

Foam rolling is also a great way to warm up or cool down before or after exercise. A vibrating design simply enhances that capability.

And of course the ability to be used in the comfort of your own home means you can enjoy all the benefits of foam rolling and vibration therapy minus the costs of a masseuse or therapist.

The Strengthen You Pro-Roller can also be used as a traditional foam roller or as a workout tool.

Reduce pain

While foam rolling is an excellent form of physical therapy on muscles to relieve tightening of the fascia (the tissue matrix which sits between the muscle and the skin), a vibrating roller can be used as a spot massager for very effective pain reduction. In particular, it's very useful in treating and reducing back pain. However when treating an existing back injury extra care should be taken to avoid further injury.

For best treatment of lower back pain position the roller in line with your spine as using it in a horizontal position can cause you to arch your back. Foam rollers are an excellent tool for working out the knots in your back and improving your overall fascia health.

Release tension

By getting deeper into the fascia, an electric foam roller makes it easier to release tension and muscle tightness. This will also help reduce inflammation and relieve sore muscles.

Faster, better recoveries

By using an effective recovery aid at home you can continue a rehab program created by your physio or therapist and see results much quicker. The Pro-Roller helps you identify specific areas to help you recover better.

With all the benefits of a normal foam roller combined with the ability to be used in vibration therapy, the Pro-Roller is a highly effective tool for removing tension and reducing compensation in other muscle groups.

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