Warm up better. Recover better. Perform better.

Strengthen You is the number one place to go for premium quality training, recovery and fitness aids. Our products are specifically designed to make sure you have the tools to keep your body strong and healthy so you can train and compete to your full potential.

Our training and recovery aids are the number one choice for professional athletes. Each product is made from the best materials on the market and meticulously sourced and tested by the Strengthen You team to make sure you are receiving the best equipment to help you warm up better, recover better and perform better.

Strengthen You doesn’t just provide the equipment, we live and breathe our products. On our site you will find videos and blogs to help inform, inspire and motivate you on your fitness journey. Our physical wellness is guided by the Strengthen You principle: Warm up better. Recover better. Perform better.

Warm up better

Our professional grade training aids are the best way to warm up your muscles before a workout. Cold, tight muscles are susceptible to injury under the strain of exercise. The Strengthen You Mini Bands and Power Bands are a great way to activate specific muscle groups before a workout to make sure you get the most from your exercise routine by warming up better. Read more on our product page.

Recover better

As part of a recovery program designed by a therapist or physio, Strengthen You’s recovery aids can help you continue your rehab at home and see better results faster. Muscles and muscle groups can become tight and painful through injury or overloading, this can lead to overcompensation in other areas of the body, leading to more pain. Our Trigger BallsPro-Roller and Balance Pads can help you pin-point specific areas to help you recover better. Find out more on our product page.

Perform better

Our ultimate goal is to see you perform better – better than your competition or better than yourself – motivation is key. Having the right tools and equipment available can help you stay on track and avoid being derailed by unforeseen injuries. Making sure you have the right Strengthen You fitness recovery aids incorporated into your regular workout routine or recovery program will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Browse our product page to find the best training aid for you.

Our products are available to buy online for delivery in Melbourne and Australia wide. For more information on our products visit our product page or read our FAQs.